Congratulations to the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District (District) in commissioning the new South Wastewater Treatment Facility!

On Wednesday July 9th, 2019,  the District introduced flow to the new South Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The District and Deuchler have collaborated for many years and this close collaboration has yielded exceptional results — protecting the water environment for this generation and future generations!

District Manager and Sr. Staff Members Opening Influent Gate

A six phase capital improvements plan was outlined in the District’s CSO Long Term Control Plan and adopted by the District’s Board of Trustees.  The first phase $50 million construction program completed in 2011 consisted of three contracts: hydraulic improvements to treat a future wet weather flow flow of 185 MGD, chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT) of wet weather flow up to 54 MGD, and temperature phased anaerobic digestion (TPAD).  The second phase $100 million program also consisted of three contracts, the new 6 MGD  South Wastewater Treatment Facility, the Waubonsee Interceptor Fox River Crossing, and improvements at the North Wastewater Treatment Facilities with the purpose of achieving phosphorus removal.

The District is meeting phosphorus removal goals ahead of schedule, and in May 2019 treated over 200 MG of excess flow that in the past would have been a CSO.

The South Wastewater Treatment Facility Under Construction