Since its inception in 1916, Walter E. Deuchler Associates, Inc. (WEDA) has been locally owned and operated and has developed into a multi-faceted civil engineering consulting firm committed to providing clients with diverse, practical and innovative professional services in an efficient and cost-effective fashion.


Our firm’s philosophy is to work together to identify a project’s stakeholders and to work with those stakeholders to develop a highly functional and cost-effective design.

By maintaining stability and continuity over the years, WEDA has also earned a reputation for building long-term relationships with their clients. Clients find that they can trust our work to be in their best interests because our reputation and continued success depend on their satisfaction.

WEDA is large enough to provide a broad range of professional services that encompass all aspects of a project, and yet is small enough to provide its clients with the personal attention they deserve.

“The Walter E. Deuchler Associates, Inc. Team...

Experience and Committed Staff with a long track record of successful municipal

infrastructure projects.”

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WEDA has excelled in the engineering profession by maintaining an open line of communication with its clients during all phases of a project, as well as by responding to their needs by providing them with innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions using state of the art technology. Promoting one-on-one communication with our engineers and project managers allows WEDA to quickly respond and adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients.